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Entry #7

The Big Daddy is complete!

2010-05-05 15:53:44 by NiniNinja

I finally finished making my Big Daddy Doll!
I did a less grungy rendition of it and made it cute to look at.
Yet, still very creepy.
It's still a work in progress. More or less a prototype.

Here it is:

Sketch and Doll!

The Big Daddy is complete!


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2010-05-08 02:54:47

Mr. Bubbles!! YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! bioshock pwnd


2010-05-21 07:33:27

Please, buy a scanner...
They aren't thet expensive... pretty please...?

(Updated ) NiniNinja responds:

I would if I could. But you see no one is hiring, therefore money is tight.
Trust me. If I had the money, in my face. Right now. At this very moment. In time.


Love your art, btw.